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Buzzrack E-Hornet H3

Buzzrack E-Hornet H3


E-HORNET HITCH series offer convenient mounting, user-friendly functions, heavy duty construction for carrying e-bikes. The large wheel support allow stable mounting of tires up to 4″ size. The locking clamp is the perfect solution to attach the bike frame. Simple design, strong and durable.



Max number of bikes: 3
Max weight per bike: 30kg
Max load capacity: 60kg
Max tire size: 4″
Fits 1.25″: no
Fits 2″: yes
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 127cm x 105cm x 89cm
Weight20.3kg (45lbs)
Tilting: yes
Bike carrier to car: yes
Bike carrier to bike lock: yes

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